Stock Picking Tutorials

Stock picking can be a fun and rewarding activity for many investors. It allows you to express your creativity, curiosity, and analytical skills by researching and selecting companies that you believe have the potential to grow and generate returns. Stock picking also gives you the opportunity to learn about different industries, markets, trends, and innovations that shape the world. Stock picking can also be a social and interactive experience, as you can share your ideas, opinions, and insights with other investors and learn from their perspectives and feedback.

Understanding the Financials of a Company

One starting point to understand a company is through its financial metrics and statements. It is the common language of communication in finance and perhaps the most reliable information available for both retail and institutional investors.

Styles and Analysis

There are many styles of investment – income generation, growth or value focused. There are also many ways to generate investment ideas – reading the financials, understanding the industry and products, learning from social media. Investors can develop their own investment style that best suits their skills and experience.

Helpful Resources

Below listed a few useful resources, data services and organizations that focus on stock picking.

  • Seeking Alpha: A platform that provides stock analysis, ratings, earnings reports, news, and more. You can also access premium articles, screeners, and portfolios with a subscription.
  • A blog that covers topics such as stock research, trading strategies, software, and education. You can also find reviews of different stock research websites and tools.
  • The Motley Fool: A popular investment education website that provides stock picks, newsletters, podcasts, and community forums. You can also join their Stock Advisor service for more recommendations and insights.
  • Morningstar: A leading provider of independent investment research and ratings. You can access their data, analysis, tools, and reports for free or with a premium membership.
  • Zacks: A stock research company that offers rankings, ratings, reports, screeners, and newsletters. You can also use their trade service to get real-time alerts and guidance from their experts.
  • StockRover: A web-based platform that allows you to research, screen, analyze, and compare stocks. You can also create custom portfolios, charts, and reports with their premium plans.
  • A comparison website that helps you find the best products and services for your needs. You can also read reviews and guides on various topics such as investing, banking, insurance, and more.